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The first edition of this catalog appeared in 1982. It was printed in a low-cost format. It used camera-ready copy prepared by the author and was printed on low-quality paper in a soft cover with a glued binding. These measures kept the cost of the Catalog low. A major market for the Catalog was as a supplement to undergraduate and graduate heat transfer courses and graduate radiation heat transfer courses. The low price was necessary for such a market. The Second Edition is in web format so that it can again be adopted as a text supplement as well as a reference for engineers and researchers involved in radiative transfer.

The wide use of programmable calculators and laptops makes it feasible to compute most configuration factors from algebraic relations or by numerical integration. Therefore, the number of factors presented in graphical form is reduced in this edition. Algebraic relations are presented where possible.

This catalog is included as a CD in the latest edition of Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer, 4th ed., Robert Siegel and John R. Howell, Taylor and Francis, New York, 2001. Since publication, the following modifications have been made in the catalog:

Errors Corrected: Factors  A-9, B-17, B-13, B-29, B-34, B-34a, B-46, B-56, B-58, B-59, B-60, B-63, B-79, B-9, B-94, B-106, C-5, C-13, C-53, C-91, C-94, C-115, C-117, C-121, C-137, C-138, C-160, C-161

New Factors Added: B-3a-d, B-3e-h, B-21a, B-21b-eB-34a, B-93a, C-12a, C-13a, C-13b, C-13c, C-15a, C-47a, C-53a,  C-111a, C-112a, C-122aC-162

Finally, the author thanks the colleagues who reported errors in the first edition. These are corrected in the present edition. It will be appreciated if further errors found in the present edition are sent to the author at the e-mail address below



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